Företagsplatsen transforms your accounting data to stylish visual reports.

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Accounting made easy

Reports You Can Understand

With Företagsplatsen, you choose how you want your company's finances presented – from easy to understand visual graphs created for contractors to classic financial statements. Either way, you can fine tune and choose exactly what you see, so you have a full understanding of historic, present and future events.

160+ Key Performance Indicators

Företagsplatsen gives you access to more than 160 KPI's that can be used to push your business to the next level. You simply choose which ones are most important for you and immediately see real-time, clear graphical presentations where you can track and compare against established targets.

Drill down - day to day

With just a few clicks, use Företagsplatsen to go from a bird's eye view of your entire business right down to detailed information on individual transactions – to see exactly how each business transaction affects earnings and the company's bottom line. You can even see how your business generates revenue and costs from day to day.

Available When You Need It

Företagsplatsen gives you access to your financial reporting when you want and on whatever device you want. It works just as well on a computer as on a tablet or smartphone – all you need is an internet connection. With Företagsplatsen, you can give your board access to corporate finance and administration in just a few clicks. And you'll never have to disrupt your financial consultant’s vacation again when you need an immediate, understandable report.

You’re Ready, Already

With Företagsplatsen, you can keep using your current accounting software. Forget about costly and time-consuming setups, Företagsplatsen allows you to import your records with a click, and within a few minutes, you have full access to all the business intelligence you need: easy to use, understandable and at a fraction of the cost.

Accountants & Bookkeepers

Företagsplatsen has more than 170 Nordic CPA firms as clients. They work with us because we bring them compelling benefits, including:


Customers log in via their accounting firm’s own website to unlock our service – which is optimized for reporting and communication with their consultant. Because the interface is tailored to the firm’s own visual identity, the service itself and all reports naturally stay true to the firm’s brand.

Competitive Advantages

Företagsplatsen offers a variety of financial tools that are more robust than many competing services – at a lower price than most. Many agencies affirm that this is often decisive in their outgoing quotes, and often leads to more customer orders.

Client Gets More

Företagsplatsen gives end customers access to all their accounting – not just general statements. This reinforces the firm’s image as a serious partner. With the client regularly logging in via the firm’s own website, a natural opportunity is created for the firm to highlight other services on offer and upsell.

Communicate with client

Accessibility and simplicity enables the customer to understand their accounting better, which often contributes to increased dialogue between client and consultant. The service itself also contains several features and tools that stimulate and facilitate this communication.


With complete accounting history and documents archived in the same place, a firm can offer full accessibility. The service works just as well on a computer as a smartphone or tablet, and the customer is always just a login away from all their financial reporting.


The firm’s data is securely stored on our servers. All data is encrypted which means that using Företagsplatsen is many times safer than, for example, sending reports by e-mail (which are usually sent unencrypted and can be read as plain text).

Who We Are

Företagsplatsen was founded in Sweden in 2005, with the service launching in 2006. Today we have over 30,000 corporate customers and over 200 accounting firms that use our service – and we’re still in business with our first client.

Our vision is to replace the current method of reporting with an educational and easy tool for understanding a company's finances. We are 10 employees, and have begun international sales through resellers in Norway, Denmark and the U.K.